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Ambassador Property Management
Ambassador Property Management
16201 Whittier Blvd., Whittier, CA 90603
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Ambassador Property Management

- Lina Noland

  "I have found the top management company in town. I am very pleased I got the best team. They always respond quickly and rent my property faster with a quality tenant. I recommend Ambassador Property Management highly."

- June Hook

  "I am pleased that you took the time to come to my home to personally get acquainted. You appear to be a dedicated Christian who is trying to do what is right. Though I've known you briefly, you appear to be a conscientious, dedicated Christian."

- Henry Reynaga

  "It has been a pleasure working with Ambassador Property Management and Candy Livesey in particular. She is very personable and professional. I hope we have a long and prosperous working relationship."

- Jim and Lisa Macoria

  "It's a breath of fresh air to deal with the competent, friendly staff at Century 21 Ambassador Property Management. Special "kudos" to Candy Livesey who is always so helpful, and many thanks to Macy."

- Rick and Ann Willsie

  "Candy, since we have been working with you, we are extremely happy with the service you have given us. We are very confident that you are looking out for our best interests. You personally have been to the property numerous times to check on the status of repairs and to counsel our tenants who are late or in the process of relocating. The tenants you have placed in our units are a much better fit with your careful screening of them. You are always prompt in returning phone calls and the monthly reports we receive are easy to understand and always accurate. It is a pleasure working with you and we look forward to a long term relationship feeling confident that we are getting the best service possible."

- Leo E. Gilcher

  "We were in dire straights when we had to take residence in an assisted living facility. After that, there was another hanging problem -what to do with the house. We didn't want to sell and renting seemed so scary. So I called on a friend who recommended someone from a property management company. Hence, Candy Livesey came on the scene. We negotiated a contract and she took charge. After an estate sale, she advertised, interviewed, and checked credit ratings. While all that was going on she called her resource people to come in and take care of some things to make the place more rentable. And in a couple of weeks the place was rented at the rate we quoted and to a lovely family the neighbors are well pleased with. We are so happy; everything was done with dispatch and in a very professional manner. All that work and responsibility off our shoulders-they even do the collection. I highly recommend the Property Management crew from Century 21 Ambassador".